Latest Not So Monthly Email

So you probably noticed these monthly emails are far from monthly, well I am sorry, but don't expected that to change.


The conversation has started.


World democratic systems are starting to be a hot topic, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are now in the game, and our new competition.


Stephen Hawking says we must have a worldwide system of some kind, or else!


 And "The global challenges foundation" says we must build some kind of system, and they put their money where their mouth is, offering up $5 million!


We have entered this contest and to our knowledge at this point we do not know of any other plan that fits the criteria of a world democratic system, and one that can be implemented in less than a decade. It shall be very interesting to see what new things develop out of this contest. You can find our first and second draft for the contest entry by going to our subreddit, 



Let's hedge our bets.


There are no guarantees in life, and considering our proposal is coming at this foundation from extreme left field, we better cover our bases by gathering public support, this will show them we have the neutral trusted system the people want.


We have been having some good results on the local level which I would like to explore further, Roy, who is from our inner circle of supporters, suggested using an app called Meetup.


In my local city of Edmonton we had 30 people signed up for our first meeting, 10 people showed up, and eight of them expressed a willingness to continue with further meetings. our next meeting is scheduled for April 1.


I would like to find other individuals willing to host meetings using this meetup app. At the moment I believe I am the most convincing individual to promote this system, therefore I would like to attempt to conduct these meetings via Skype on the hosts laptop.


By conducting these meetings with Skype the host will only have to concern themselves with setting up a time and location, the meetup app will find participants, and I will conduct the meeting, this should be very simple and efficient.


So in closing, I would encourage anyone who is willing to set up a meeting to contact me, and if anyone wants to participate more, and join our inner circle of influence, please contact me as well.


Thank you again to everyone who has joined our email list, your support will be remembered by me as long as I live, and may eventually be documented as the beginning of a new era! 


All the best,

  Brian Charlebois.

In other news we are up to 90 Email!